In this article we will show you how to set your domain name on
After signing up you will be redirected to a page which will lead you to the creation of your uploader.

Step 1. Setup your uploader

In this page, you will have to choose a name for your uploader. Please note that you will be able to change the name in the future.
What if you do not want to have a name that ends in
It is mandatory to have an address but in the next steps we will show you how to point your address to your own domain name.

Step 2. Setup custom domain

(only if you have your own domain name and you do not want to keep your address)

After waiting 20 seconds you will see that your uploader is installed. If you have your own domain name you can set it up there. To do that, go to the Custom Domain page.

  1. Enter your domain name

Firstly, enter the domain name you want to use. Attention! It should look like For example: “”.

2. Set up your CNAME record

Then, you need to go to the control panel of your domain hosting provider. Choose your domain name and go to DNS zone. (note: The name of this tab may vary depending on your provider). The main thing is to find a tab where you can add an entry to your DNS record. Finally, we need to add a CNAME entry.

Example configuration (OVH)

In "Sub-domain" you add the name you entered in In our case, it is "uploader". In "Target" add the line indicated in the section "Set up your CNAME record". Attention! Don't forget to add the "."at the end.
After configuring your domain name on your domain host, return to your dashboard and save your changes.

What is an SSL certificate? It secures the connection to your website. Each site needs it to prevent the theft of your identifiers. Otherwise, the following page may appear when you try to access your website.

3. Customize your uploader

You can now go to the administration panel to fully customize your uploader. You will need to register one last time.

If you have any problems following these steps, contact us, we will be ready to help you.