Settings Customisation

After configuring your uploader with, you will be redirected to your panel. To start customizing it, you must go to the Settings tab of the navigation bar.

Our settings page is dynamic, so when you make changes, the preview window also changes, making it very easy and comfortable to customize your downloader.

  1. Public upload window

Depending on your needs, you can make the download window private or public. If you want it to be public, anyone will be able to send files to your uploader. However, if you make your uploader private, you will be the only one who can upload, from your panel. Anyone else will only have access to the download pages, once you sent them a link.

2. Page title

This name will be displayed in the browser tab each time the user accesses your download page. Give an explicit name to your page such as the name of your company or the type of files you want to share (eg.: photos).

3. Background Images

You can choose up to 20 background images. However, only 5 random images will appear each time someone loads a page.

Size recommendations:

  • Resolution: 1600x900 pixels;
  • Weight: < 500 Mb;

4. Logo

The maximum resolution of the logo is 314x100. If you try to upload an image larger than this, the image will automatically be resized.

5. Upload window position, menu position & menu color

Depending on your backgrounds, you can choose between different positions for your upload/download window and social network links : left, center or right. In the color section, you can choose the menu color that best matches your backgrounds.

6. Navigation links

With you can add all the links you want to your uploader. It can be a link to your blog or personal website. This will help you share your contact information with your users and potential customers.

7. Social links

You can choose between 13 different social networks icons: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Behance, Github, LinkedIn, Dribbble, Pinterest, YouTube, 500px, vimeo, SoundCloud, Patreon. Didn’t find your favorite social network? Please contact us, we will fix it.

Each upload customisation

In addition, with, you can customize the background of each upload. This will be very useful if you have a different offer for one of your customers. How do you do that?
On your panel in "Your uploads" create a new upload.
After dropping your files, click on the "Options" button.

  1. Upload name
    This name will appear on your panel and at the top of the gallery in the download.
  2. Show only gallery
    If you tick this box, users who download your files will not see a list of files, but a preview. Attention! Only the .png and.jpg files have a preview. If you want to share not only photos, do not check this box.
  3. Backgrounds
    You can choose the backgrounds associated with an upload. The rules are the same: maximum 30 images and only 5 of them will be shown randomly every time the page is loaded.
Here is an example of what your download page will look like with only the gallery.

If something is unclear you can contact us. Also remember that we are always open to your suggestions and recommendations.